About me

Im totaly square! But thats a good thing! 'During the Day im Cornelis Merkeleburg, doing some dull as hell job reviewing security tapes.Despite what all you minifigs think, your really not that interesting to watch.

My Favorate Stuff

Duplo,Lego,Techique,Dacta,Mindstorms Building Things Destroying Things Building More Things

You Only Lego Twice, Lego and Let Die, A Lego Less Ordinary, Brick Lane The Stud Toy Story.

Bricks and Pieces

http://www.nathanbrickartist.com/ He da'ultimate brickmaster!

12/3 Morning minifigs, the force is with me!

Greetings minifigs of all shapes and sizes - or, well, the one shape and size you come in.
Welcome to my blog!

I am Megalegodude! Master(ish) builder or all things Lego!
By day a lowly security gaurd working at http://www.ultralock.nl/securitech/, by night a constructor of epic ..umm..constructions.

My latest moderate purchase is this Lego Death Star

I had hoped to get some help constructing it, but my co-working seems uninterested. blah.

Anyway, have a Bricktastic day everyone!

12/4 *Yawn*

Making steady progress with my deathstar, but still unable to get any help from Carine.
All she ever talks about is her Barbie collection -_-
I have never seen someone so irrationally obsessed with a childs toy. I mean, she even knows Barbies full name! I didnt even know she had a middle name, but apparently she does.

5/8 The weak end at last.

I think I am slowly winning my co-worker over, she agreed to help me construct a new lego house for her Barbie collection.
Going to pop out and buy the pieces now..probably a few large town sets should do it.

15/12 New Location, Same Dude

I had to rebuild my little blog here after MySpace and Hives fell to pieces.
Not even the wayback machine could save me :(
Oh, well, in more awesome news, I assume everyone saw that Lego movie?
If not go! Now!
Truly bricktastic stuff. In fact, Bricktastic, Brickamazing and yes, Brickawesome!

Carine liked it too - although she didn't seem too interested when I started giving her the history of the part numbers use in the film. Oh well, maybe she was tired.